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K.O.D.A Home Services LLC is an energized, polite, and courteous window cleaning and power washing company that creates a product that is untouchable by its competitors. We are aimed at offering high-quality, low rates, and an enjoyable work experience for our customers as well as our employees.

We seek to gain regional recognition, to never be satisfied with being average in our daily lives and in our workplace.

Keegan's Story

Keegan has worked from the birth of KODA Enterprises in 2005. He took over the family business in 2014. 

He has been involved in almost every aspect of the business from commercial to residential cleaning - and everything in between.

Keegan now is married and is on his way to building a empire with K.O.D.A Home Services. We have doubled our business in 2 years since Keegan has taken over the business. We have invested in many new technologies in the window cleaning area and also the power washing area of this business. In 2016 alone, we have invested over 100k in new technology and safety techniques for employees. We now can clean most windows without a ladder and the same with pressure washing. 

In 2017 Keegan is aiming very high. He is looking to franchise the company out in the future. Our goal is to have a K.O.D.A Home Services company in every state of the US. 

A little about Keegan:

- Born in 1992

- Loves his wife

- Loves God

- Dreams BIG

- Treats everyone with respect and dignity

- Fair

- Honest 

- Likes to hangout with friends and fix cars. Also, enjoys hanging around his family and their two dogs Duncan and Belle.

Keegan and his wife (Kendra)

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