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House With Holiday Lights

Bring Out 


Holiday Spirit

All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting

K.O.D.A Home Services Holiday Lighting Process:
At K.O.D.A Home Services we offer the best in holiday lighting. Our company goes into great detail developing the most amazing plan to light up your home this year and for years to come. 
Christmas lights
Christmas lights
Christmas lights
Christmas lights
Christmas lights

Set up estimate, meet, and talk about all your design options

Order all top of the market materials for your project

Professionally install each every light bulb just right

Provide free maintenance through the season

Take down all decorations and store them safely in climate controlled area

KHS offers the all-inclusive package deal when it comes to holiday lighting. We provide you with all the decorations, install the decor, and lastly store your designed plan for the next years to come. This way you can sit next to that cozy fire and not lift a finger.

Christmas Lighting

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White Reindeer on Wooden Surface

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