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K.O.D.A Home Services is the best at what we do. No other company can touch our friendliness, honesty, and integrity. We base our base our company off of integrity and trust which leads to highest level of customer service. KHS is the cleaning company with the obsession for customer service!


power wahsing
Power Washing

Our power washing crews specialize in full service house washing, deck washing, and driveway cleaning. We not only pressure wash with water, we applicate with cleaners so we can power wash up to 4 stories without a ladder, lastly we rinse all dirt and debris to leave you with the best looking product out there at the best price.

window cleaning services
Window Cleaning

KHS specializes in Window Cleaning. We have all the tools to make your windows gleam. We hand scrub all interior windows and use water fed pole technology for the exterior windows. We rarely need to use ladders because we have the best technology in window cleaning.

roof cleaning services
Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Does your roof have moss? Lichen gives your roof a slight green coloration. During the summer does your roof continue to get large black streaks? We call this black algae. Fungus will eat away at your roof and eventually expose the underlying black felt paper, causing you to replace your roof faster than expected. 

gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is very important to your biggest investment. Clogged gutters can cause water to puddle and eventually working into your soffit to create mold. KHS can clean all gutters from the ground to ensure great safety.

screen cleaning

Our other services include track cleaning, high dusting, and screen cleaning. You can't go wrong when signing up for these services. It is like the cherry on top!

Deck staining

Getting your deck stained has plenty of great advantages. It prevents termite damage, protects your deck from harsh winters, extends the lifetime of the deck, increases curb appeal, maintains structural integrity, and saves you from splinters!

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