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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning



A lichen is an organism that evolves from the algae, Gloeocapsa Magma. Lichens attach themselves very securely to the shingle, consequently, wind, rain or snow will not dislodge them. Left untreated, they forcibly remove the top layer of the shingle, the color coat, and will permanently scar the shingle surface.



The black “stains” on your roof are actually large colonies of airborne algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. They affix themselves and eat away at the limestone filler found in shingles. As they eat and grow, they readily reproduce into more algae. Eventually billions of individual alga cover the entire roof surface; destruction to your roof system will gradually occur over time, potentially leading to premature replacement of your roof.


Mosses have root-like appendages called rhizoids, which they drive into and around the shingle to anchor themselves onto the roof. The mosses build a thicker layer of soil by catching windblown dirt in their interlocking system of roots and upraised stems. As a result, the accumulation of soil facilitates both algae and lichen growth, and make possible the evolution of higher plants with real roots. The way that mosses anchor themselves onto the shingles is what does substantial, permanent damage and will greatly speed up the need for roof replacement.

Friendly Cleaner

Soft wash roof cleaning

Soft Washing Process

K.O.D.A Home Services state of the art equipment enables us to clean roofs with LOW pressure. We use technology that uses a high volume of water with LOW pressure to ensure that your shingles are not harmed in the cleaning process. 

The bleach based cleaner that we use is not harmful for your shingles or plants. Our prep work is what makes the difference. We make sure we water down all the shrubbery, grass, and landscaping before applying our cleaner. This dilutes the cleaners so that it will not harm or hurt your landscape. After the cleaning takes place, we rinse the plants 1 more time to make sure you will be left with beautiful plants. This process is recommended by "ARMA" which stands for Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Below is a link to the page so you may read more!...ARMA Roof Mold Information

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